Compliance Program

The SEARHC Board of Directors wants to ensure we demonstrate to patients, staff and the public we are an honest, ethical and reputable health care organization. Our compliance program demonstrates our commitment to operating ethically and honestly by establishing guidelines, processes and policies designed to prevent and detect violations; provide education and training; provide guidance and resources to staff; monitor operations and business practices; and assist authorities with their oversight responsibilities.

It is vital that SEARHC conform to the highest ethical standards and follow the laws, regulations and policies that govern the health care industry. We do this for two reasons: To maintain our national accreditation and certification as a health care provider, and to foster the trust of our patients and stakeholders. Staff is expected to follow our Standards of Conduct, as well as applicable laws and policies, and to conduct its business and personal activities with the highest level of integrity.

The Compliance Committee encourages the reporting of illegal, inappropriate or unethical conduct. SEARHC is committed to identifying, correcting and, when applicable, reporting misconduct. Making sure that SEARHC performs in an ethical manner and within legal guidelines at all times is a responsibility that belongs to all staff.

If there are any questions concerning our compliance program, please contact the SEARHC Compliance Administrator at (907)364-4466 or at