Traditional Foods

The SEARHC Traditional Foods programs offer community based activities aimed to make Alaska's traditional and customary Native foods a regular part of everyone's diet. The grant funded programs partner strongly with local elders and experts to teach gathering, harvesting and processing skills for local fish and plants. Also, the programs emphasize Native dance, language, storytelling and culture.

Download the Traditional Foods Guide and Poster

The SEARHC Traditional Foods Guide and Poster were created with resources from two of its Health Promotion grants in an effort to support sustainable enjoyment of healthy traditional foods. 

Expertise from numerous elders and local contributors made the projects possible.  With permission, we pulled together the material from many sources in ways that encourage traditional food use and learning.  Advisory teams from Kake and Wrangell provided design and content advice.  The final products are intended for use by anyone in SE Alaska who wants to learn and expand their enjoyment of the incredibly nutritious foods available in our region.

TradFoodGuide-r.pdf  (PDF doc 2MB)
SeasonalFoods-poster7a.pdf  (PDF doc 1.4MB)

Download the Traditional Foods Coloring Books

The intent of the “Good Beach Food” coloring books for children is to share basic information about customary and traditional foods as well as lifestyles in the Southeast Alaska communities. In hopes to help preserve and encourage the knowledge of traditional lifestyles, we offer these books for children of all ages.

Traditional Foods coloring book cover image

The coloring books were made possible by the SEARHC Health Promotion Department through the Center for Disease Control Native Diabetes Wellness Program.

Traditional Foods Coloring Book 1  (PDF doc 1.6MB)
Traditional Foods Coloring Book 2 with Tlingit translations (PDF doc 1.5MB)

PDF files require Acrobat Reader

For more information, contact Clara Gray at 966-8936.