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Why should I join the Lifestyle Balance Program?

  • It will help you delay or avoid diabetes.
  • You will receive $5,800 worth of free medical and preventative care.
  • You get individual support from a Lifestyle Coach.
  • You attend 16 weekly sessions with others who are also learning lifestyle skills.

Who can join the program?

You are eligible if:

  • You are 18 years of age or older.
  • You are an Alaska Native or American Indian. (In some communities non-natives may be eligible. Please check with your local site.)
  • You've had an abnormal Fasting Blood Glucose reading (over 100).
  • You are willing to participate in regular group education sessions and individual visits.

Lifestyle Balance Classes

Lifestyle Balance classes are approximately 16 weeks long. Afterwards, there are additional classes available for those who are interested. Class schedules vary slightly in different locations. Please call the location near you for the current schedule.

- Fall class - begins in early fall 
- Winter class - begins in early winter
- Spring class - begins in early spring
- In summer - no classes are held

"Russell George's Journey to a Healthier Life" is a SEARHC Lifestyle Balance Program digital story.

Contact SEARHC Lifestyle Balance Program

Sitka Location

Mail:  222 Tongass Drive, Sitka, AK 99835
Location:  Building 223, across from SEARHC Mt. Edgecumbe Hospital (MEH)
Phone:  1 (907) 364-4453
Fax:  1 (907) 364-4489
Email:  SEARHC Lifestyle Balance Program

Juneau Location

Mail:  3245 Hospital Drive, Juneau, AK 99801
Location:  SEARHC Ethel Lund Medical Center (ELMC), Suite 105
Phone:  1 (907) 364-4453
Email:  SEARHC Lifestyle Balance Program

Prince of Wales Location

Mail:  PO Box 69, Klawock, AK 99925
Location:  SEARHC Alicia Roberts Medical Center (ARMC), 7300 Klawock-Hollis Highway
Phone:  1 (907) 755-4959
Fax:  1 (907) 755-4908
Email:  SEARHC Lifestyle Balance Program

Kake Location

Mail:  PO Box 605, Kake, AK 99830
Location:  SEARHC Kake Health Center, 105 Totem Way
Phone:  please call Sitka 1 (907) 966-8914
Email:  SEARHC Lifestyle Balance Program

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