Contact a SEARHC Eye Clinic

Experienced Eye Care Practitioners

Dr. Pam Steffes, OD, Eye Clinic Manager (Sitka)
Dr. Shannon Farr, OD  (Juneau)
Dr. Annelle Maygren, OD (Prince of Wales)

Information about individual eye clinic providers may be found here: SEARHC Providers.

photo of doctor examining a patient's eyes

If you are due for an eye exam, or if you have any questions or concerns about your vision, please call to schedule an appointment today.

SEARHC Mount Edgecumbe Hospital Eye Clinic, Sitka

Location: MEH Room E-243, First Floor East
Phone: (907) 966-8415

Fax: (907) 966-8665

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-12:15pm, 12:45pm-5pm
Onsite: Optometry
Outside/Specialty Service: Ophthalmology

SEARHC Ethel Lund Medical Center Eye Clinic, Juneau

Location: 1200 Salmon Creek Lane, ELMC First Floor
Phone: (907) 463-4086

Fax: (907) 463-6618

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
Onsite: Optometry

SEARHC Prince of Wales Eye Clinic, Klawock

Location: 6488 Klawock-Hollis Highway #4
Phone:  (907) 755-4967

Fax:  (907) 755-2414

Hours:  Mon-Fri 8am-noon, 1pm-5pm
Onsite: Optometry


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