Eligibility, Costs, and Referrals


The program is open to Alaska youth ages 13-18 who have a primary diagnosis of substance abuse and/or dependence. Youth referred should be those who would benefit from a program that includes physical challenges, group cooperation, and team building. Since Raven's Way is a voluntary program, participants must be willing to engage themselves in an intensive, substance-free treatment program.

Program costs

Cost of treatment for most students is covered by the Indian Health Service, Medicaid, or insurance coverage. Transportation costs may be covered by Medicaid, insurance, or local resources. Contact the Raven's Way Intake Specialist for more information.


Referrals may be made by parents, community service providers, health councils, probation officers, schools, and others. Contact the Raven's Way Intake Specialist for referral information, dates of upcoming courses, and referral packets.


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