Benefits of Treatment

Raven's Way Standards of Care

Students receive a comprehensive assessment upon entering treatment at Raven's Way (Yéil Jeewáx) youth substance abuse treatment program. Each assessment includes an analysis of substance use and readiness to change, mental health issues, school functioning, social and family relationships, and physical health. This provides staff with an understanding of the strengths and individual needs of each student, which then can be addressed in treatment. The assessment is obtained through a collaboration between licensed and certified mental health and substance abuse professionals, medical professionals and a certified secondary school instructor.

Outcome data collected one year after students are discharged demonstrates the effectiveness of treatment at Raven's Way. The Raven's Way program has been cited as a best practice treatment provider at the Alaska Native Best Practices Conference (May 2005 in Anchorage) and International Seminar on Youth Substance Abuse (May 2005 in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory).

Outcome Data

Follow-up Interviews

In follow-up interviews after their treatment from January 2001 to February 2007, 272 former Raven's Way students reported that at one year after discharge:

  • 42% used no alcohol in the last six months, and an additional 47% used less alcohol than before treatment;
  • 53% used no illegal drugs in the last six months, and an additional 34% used fewer drugs than before treatment;
  • 73% are involved in productive activity (such as school, work or subsistence) 20 hours per week or more, compared to only 50% involved in productive activity prior to admission;
  • 86% report no use of emergency medical services, compared to 72% at admission;
  • 91% report more support for sobriety by the people in their lives; and
  • 71% report an improved sense of connectedness, spirituality, relationship with a higher power, or meaningfulness in life.

Download results of follow-up interview (PDF 250kb)

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Post-treatment Questionnaire

The State of Alaska recently changed its post-treatment questionnaire, and the 46 students interviewed between October 2006 and July 2007 report that one year after discharge:

  • 67% used no alcohol in the previous month, and an additional 25% only used alcohol one or two times;
  • 59% used no illegal drugs in the previous month, and an additional 8% only used illegal drugs one or two times;
  • 67% reported that mental or emotional problems almost never kept them from doing normal daily activities over the last three months, compared to 42% at admission;
  • The percentage of students thinking of suicide dropped from 24% at admission to 8% one year after discharge. Of those thinking of suicide at admission, 4% had attempted or had a plan, 8% were sometimes thinking about it, and 12% said they rarely thought about it. After discharge, 8% said they rarely thought about suicide while 92% never thought about it.

Download results of post-treatment questionnaire (PDF 433kb)

PDF files require Acrobat Reader


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