Presidents Update for May 17, 2013

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Angoon will graduate six Elders

Angoon will graduate six Elders who participated in a 16-class program called WELL (Wise Elders Living Longer) Balanced program on May 22. The Elders have worked on improving their endurance, strength, balance and flexibility with good humor and lots of laughter. SEARHC employees Kim Getgood, Brenda Gilmore, and Dan Johnson, along with community volunteers, Carolyn Jack and Tracy Thomas led the 8-week program. Health Promotion Division’s Renae Mathson and Cory Welsh will assist with the post-assessment physical activity tests and biometric screening, and gather stories from the participants to share in a digital story.

Kake will also be hosting a graduation

Kake will also be hosting a graduation for seven WELL (Wise Elders Living Longer) Balanced participants on Tuesday, 5/21.  Renae Mathson and Cori Welsh will be joining them to gather interviews for a digital story about the classes.   A big "thank you" to clinic staff for always working with them on medical clearances, and to their volunteer co-instructor, Lori Moore. Coffee will be served, and they’ll have gifts for the participants.  They are proud of the Elders who committed to this 8-week class (This is the 4th set of classes the program has completed in the last two years).

From Haines and Klukwan

From Haines and Klukwan, for this past week of May 13th - 17th: Michele Susie, FNP, from the Klukwan Clinic traveled to Tenakee Springs to hold 2 days of clinic for the community. Jessie Grant also traveled to Tenakee to provide support and assist patients with sliding discount applications. They want to also thank Dr. Shannon Farr for being in Haines this week to provide an optometry clinic.

Kake Behavioral Health

Kake Behavioral Health and the SEARHC Suicide Prevention program, combined services to facilitate the "Walk for Life and Celebrating Sobriety" Walk on Saturday May 11, 2013. A large mix of Elders, adults and youth participated in the Walk. Hot Dogs, Potato Salad & Chips were served along with hot stew for the Elders. Many people shared their recovery stories and encouraged the youth to remain alcohol and drug free. The Walk was led by the Kake Youth Suicide Prevention Ambassador, Keilani on Friday, who also shared a beautiful song of encouragement with the crowd. Some of the "Kake Canoe Team for Life" attended the event and served our Elders. The program ended when each participant wrote the name of a departed loved one on a balloon for the Balloon Release Ceremony.  This event was a very healing and positive event for the Kake community. Many of the Elders thanked SEARHC for all they do for the Kake community.

The 39th Annual School on Addictions & Behavioral Health

The 39th Annual School on Addictions & Behavioral Health (Sharing The Vision: Integration for Recovery) and hosted by the Alaska Addiction Professionals Association, was attended by Clint Simic of Yéil Jeeyáx (Ravens Way), on May 6-9, 2013 in Anchorage. Yéil Jeeyáx attends this conference annually as an opportunity for marketing and networking opportunities with different referral agencies throughout Alaska. Clint presented at a conference workshop "An Overview and Benefits of Counselor Certification" about his board work on The Alaska Commission for Behavioral Health Certification. This years conference was attend by 417 people. In addition, Yéil Jeeyáx (Ravens Way) started its 143 course this month.

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