President’s Update for April 25, 2014

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SEARHC program introduces students to health careers

This past week, SEARHC welcomed sixteen Alaska Native/American Indian high school students from Alaskan communities to learn about health careers as they participated in the 2014 Ethel Lund Village Health Occupations Program (VHOP) that took place from April 21-25 in Sitka.  This year’s group was the largest to date and included two students that had participated in the program previously.

Students spent a week at the SEARHC S’áxt’ Hít Mt. Edgecumbe Hospital learning about different health careers and educational opportunities with a goal of cultivating and encouraging an interest in the growing field of health care, and hope that a health-related career grows out of those efforts.

For more information about VHOP, contact Louise Brady at 966-8903, or visit the VHOP webpage.

Workshop to help curb consequences of drinking

SEARHC will be offering bystander intervention training to the communities of Klukwan, Angoon, and Kake. This training has been given the name Lingit Tundatáni and means “being strong like our ancestors” and is intended to provide community members the tools necessary to help keep a family member, friend or other community member safer when they have been binge drinking, heavy drinking or underage drinking as inappropriate alcohol consumption puts individuals and others in the community at risk for injury, illness or death.

Lingit Tundatáni is a non-clinical, public education experience offered as a 2-3 hour workshop that will be held in Klukwan on April 29, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. at the Klukwan ANS Hall with others to be scheduled in Angoon and Kake in the near future. Please contact SEARHC Behavioral Health Prevention Specialist, Joanne Spud at (907) 766-6319 or for more information on how to participate in any of these workshops.

Skagway Traditional Council adopts smoke-free policy

Marla Belisle and Amanda Roberts present certificate to Skagway Traditional CouncilOn Saturday, April 12th during the Skagway Health Fair, Amanda Roberts, SEARHC Tobacco Health Educator, presented a certificate from the SEARHC Tobacco Program to the Skagway Traditional Council in recognition of the Council adopting a smoke-free tribal resolution for their facilities. Marla Belisle, SEARHC Referral Care Coordinator, accepted the certificate on the Council’s behalf.

Smoke-free policies protect tribal citizens from the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure, reduce youth initiation to smoking, and help promote quitting tobacco. We are proud to support the Skagway Traditional Council taking strides to protect the health of their tribal employees, members, and visitors.

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Just a reminder...

Spring Mobile Mammogram Schedule

The WISEWOMAN Women’s Health Program in partnership with the Breast Cancer Detection Center has set the Spring 2014 mobile mammography schedule. The mobile mammography van will visit Angoon from May 12-14, Haines from May 17-21, Kake on May 23 & 24, 2014. For more information contact your local clinic, call the SEARHC WISEWOMAN Women’s Health Program in Sitka at 966-8782 (or 1-888-388-8782, toll-free in Alaska), or e-mail the WISEWOMAN Health Program.

ANTHC $5000 Scholarship for the 2014-2015 Academic Year

Applications are currently being accepted now through June 20, 2014 at 4:30 pm. Awards go towards the academic Fall 2014 – Summer 2015 school year. ANTHC grants these scholarships as an integral part of its long-term strategy to increase Alaska Natives and American Indians in the healthcare field. You may visit the ANTHC website for more information.