The Affordable Care Act

Open enrollment for Health Insurance begins November 1st.

The SEARHC Outreach & Enrollment program provides free assistance to people signing up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Health Insurance Marketplace. Most people that sign up are eligible for financial assistance that will help cover the cost.

There are three ways to meet the requirement for health insurance:

  1. Have health insurance
  2. Pay a tax fine for not having health insurance
  3. Get an exemption from the fine and from the health insurance requirement

There are three ways to sign up for health insurance:

  1. Call SEARHC Outreach & Enrollment at 907-966-8662, 907-966-8883 or toll free at 1-855-966-8684
  2. Call the ACA Health Insurance Marketplace 1-800-318-2596 (24/7)
  3. Visit

If you are currently covered by employer insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Denali Kid Care or Veterans’s Benefits: you already meet the Individual mandate (requirement) for insurance.

Alaska Native/American Indians

Alaska Natives and American Indians are exempt from the requirement to purchase insurance as long as proper exemption forms are submitted. However, ACA provides more choices for additional healthcare coverage beyond the Indian Health Service benefit.



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