Gumboot Determination

The Story of the SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium

  • 240 full-color pages
  • comprehensive list of SEARHC directors
  • over 130 interviews
  • endnotes
  • bibliography
  • index

We are proud of SEARHC and our collective accomplishments, but none of us should forget that Alaska Natives' access to health care still falls well below national standards. This is particularly true of the elderly on fixed incomes and the economically disadvantaged. We created The Healing Hand Foundation to bridge the financial gap between SEARHC's resources and the unmet medical needs of Alaska Natives.

All proceeds received by SEARHC from the sale of Gumboot Determination will be donated to The Healing Hand Foundation. Please use the form provided to place an order for Gumboot Determination and, at the same time, you'll be making a charitable contribution to help those who are most in need.

A mother brings her baby on board the Medical Vessel Hygiene for a checkup

A well-researched book about a subject little known to most Alaskans ... Gumboot Determination will serve as a key reference within the Native community and the broader Alaskan public as well.

Alexandra J. McClanahan, CIRI Historian

historical painting of Tlingit people at the time of early European contact

This remarkable book ... tells the complex and often engrossing story of the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium ... [reflecting] the struggle of all Alaska Natives for health services appropriate to their local needs.

Dr. Robert Fortuine, author of Chills and Fever

Dr. Bornstein examines the teeth of a young patient

Gumboot Determination is a major contribution to the understanding of Alaska Native health.

Emery Johnson, Director, Indian Health Service (1969-1981)


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