Workshop in Kake and Angoon aims to curb consequences of drinking

May 08 2014

SITKA – Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) recently completed bystander intervention training in Klukwan and have selected dates for training to be offered in Angoon on May 12 and Kake on May 13. This training has been given the name Lingít Tundatáni which means “being strong like our ancestors.” The intent is to provide community members with the tools necessary to help keep a family member, friend or other community member safe when they have been binge drinking, heavy drinking or underage drinking. Inappropriate alcohol consumption puts individuals and others in the community at risk for injury, illness or death and this training will help to introduce nonthreatening and healthy ways to intervene.

Similar to the Green Dot program that has been implemented in some areas of Alaska to reduce instances of domestic violence and sexual abuse, this training teaches community members how to help those involved in high risk situations while using alcohol to stay safe and hopefully avoid the consequences that can be devastating to families.

Lingit Tundatáni is a free, non-clinical, public education experience offered as a 2-3 hour workshop that will be held in Angoon at the Angoon Community Association (ACA) from 3:45pm – 6:00pm, and in Kake at the Salvation Army from Noon – 2:00pm.

Please contact Steven Frank at (907) 788-4636 in Angoon or Scott Jackson at (907) 317-6167 in Kake for more information on how to participate in either of these workshops.